Selected Online Poems:

Rattle, “The Woman and the Wolf”  (Winner of the April 2017 Ekphrastic Challenge: Artist’s Choice.)

3Elements Review“Watching Casablanca at Oma and Opa’s House” (Nominated for 2016 Best of the Net)

Broadsided Press,  “Backyard” (Winner of the 2017 Switcheroo), “Neighbors”  (Nominated for 2018 Best of the Net) and  “In spring voices cried”

Sidereal, “From My Parked Car, I Stare at the Snow”

Valparaiso Poetry Review, “Being Human”

Rise Up Review“New Billboard in Winston-Salem Proclaims ‘Real Men Provide, Real Women Appreciate It'”

Noble / Gas Qtrly“I’m Only Happy When It Rains” and “After I Broke My Leg”

Rust + Moth, “A Postcard to My Husband While I Vacation in California”

Whale Road Review“Donating My Eggs” and “Elegy for Slasher Movie Victims”

Red Paint Hill“You Can’t Fake an Egg”

The Journal: Inspiration for the Common Good, “Apologia for Not Wanting Children”

The Woman Inc, “Triple Self-Portrait”

One Sentence Poems“Saturday Night Conversation” and “As a Child, Dylan Klebold Loved Origami”

velvet-tail,  “Watching My Husband Cook”

South Florida Poetry Journal,  “Sometimes People Are Good”

Rat’s Ass Review, Three Poems

One, “Trying to Pray” (whole issue)

Bear Review, “Linger”: “Linger” (audio),  “Linger” (whole issue)

New Verse News“On Ray Rice”“This Is the Detail that Breaks Me”“3 Excuses for Not Marching and Then a Poem”, “The Water Park in August”, and “Mike Pence, I Am Not Trying to Seduce You”

Home Words: A Project of the Poet Laureate of Kansas, “After the Strokes”

Red Eft Review, Two Poems

Eunoia ReviewSeven Poems

The Invisible Bear“Portrait of the Author” (whole issue)

Three Line PoetryOne Poem (whole issue)

Poetry Breakfast, “Watching the Street Performers”

PeriodThree Poems and Three More Poems


Review of Amy Friedman Strauss’s The Eggshell Skull Rule“Of Daughters and Mothers”


Broadsides to Books, Review of A Crooked Door Cut into the Sky

River City Poetry, Review of A Crooked Door Cut into the Sky

Paper Nautilus Press, “Announcing the 2017 Chapbook Contest Winners”

2017 Kansas Notable Books

2016 Kansas Notable Books

Miranda Ericsson, Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library Page, Review and Interview

Andra Bryan Stefanoni, The Joplin Globe“A Tale of Two Writers”

Michael Stavola, The Morning Sun“Pittsburg Author Recognized”

Jesse Brown, The Morning Sun“PHS Teacher Wins Poetry Award”

Megan Munger, The Booster Redux“While the Kettle’s On: Johnson Publishes First Poetry Book”

Andra Bryan Stefanoni, The Joplin Globe, “Ghost Signs Abound in Pittsburg”

J.T. Knoll, The Morning Sun, “Ghost Sign: Words on the Walls of Time”